Tesla New Update holiday 2023

Tesla New Update 

Tesla announced the 2023 holiday update with many new features, some of them are related to the christmas season .

the new update will include many new features , some of this features are for fun and some of them are vey helpful and innovative.

below is a lis of the update features:  

Custom Lock Sounds

You can have more fun in your Tesla replacing the horn lock sound of your vehicle with another sound—like a screaming goat

Tesla New Sound Option

LAN Party on Wheels

Now your family can enjoy manny games with the new update as it will allow the passengers in the rear seat of your Tesla to use the rear touch screen to play your favorite games 🎮

Rear Screen Tesla Update

Rear Screen Bluetooth Headsets

Rear passengers can now use wireless Bluetooth headphones when watching shows or playing games on the rear screen.

Apple Podcasts

Apple podcasts will be integrated in the new update and it will allow you to Listen to millions of the world’s most popular podcasts with the new Tesla Update.

Tesla App Trip Planner

now you can use the Tesla mobile app to plan a multi-stop trip and send it to your vehicle no more car planning just drive.

Speed Cameras on Route

Navigation now includes speed cameras, stop signs & traffic lights

Tesla Updated Maps

Automatic 911 Calls

if the airbags is triggered your tesla will automatically call 911 which will enhance you and your family safety specially on rode trips and long drives.

Blind Spot Indicators

The blind spot camera will alert you with red shading when your turn signal is on and a car is detected in your blind spot

More Live Sentry Cameras

When viewing vehicle surroundings from the Tesla app, you'll now have access to the left and right pillar cameras for a total of 7 angles

Light Show

Enjoy a thunderous new Light Show called 'The Arrival'

Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad is now available in the Tesla Arcade—plus updates to Beach Buggy, Polytopia & Vampire Survivors

High Fidelity Park Assist

See a 3D reconstruction of your surroundings while parking

Tesla 3D Parking Assest

Release Date

Tesla announced the the update will be available one week from 8th of Dec but the availability might varies based on the car model and location.


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