Volvo ES90

Volvo ES90 New Electrical Car Leaks

Volvo, the esteemed Swedish automaker, is advancing its position in the electric vehicle sector with the initiation of the pre-production phase for its newest electric sedan, the Volvo ES90. This development, highlighted in a report by the Swedish publication Teknikens Värld, marks a significant step as Volvo commences preparations at its Sixi facility in China's eastern Zhejiang province.


A glimpse of the Volvo ES90, Volvo's latest electric car, was recently showcased. Covered by a curtain emblazoned with 'Top Secret' and 'Highly Confidential', the image underscores the strategic importance of this model in Volvo's future plans. This secretive glimpse was sourced from Volvo's internal communications.

Volvo ES90 Specification 

The Volvo ES90, internally referred to as 'V551', is being crafted on the same SPA2 platform that underpins the EX90. Internal documents reveal that the ES90 will be a substantial vehicle, measuring 4990 mm in length with a wheelbase of 3102 mm. This positions the Volvo ES90 as a formidable rival to the likes of BMW i5, Mercedes EQE, and Audi A6 E-Tron.


The inaugural model of Volvo's electric sedan, set for a Volvo ES90 release date in May 2024, is expected to weigh around 2600 kilograms for the all-wheel-drive dual-engine variant and 2500 kilograms for the single-engine rear-wheel-drive model. It boasts a substantial 111-kilowatt-hour battery, mirroring the capacity found in the EX90.


Rumors suggest the single-engine Volvo ES90 might achieve a range of up to 600 kilometers per charge, though this estimate may be based on the Chinese Light Vehicle Test Cycle (CLTC).


Volvo's electric vehicle lineup is expanding, evidenced by the successful 3,000-kilometer journey of its FH Electric truck from Switzerland to Spain in February. Furthermore, the company announced the 2025 EX30 electric model last October, starting at approximately $35,000 USD. This model, available in single or dual-engine configurations, sees its highest variant priced around $48,000 USD.


Additionally, the Volvo EX90 SUV has seen remarkable success, with all units allocated for 2024 selling out as of last May.


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