The New 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

The New 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser: Reigniting the Off-Road Legacy

Defying expectations, Toyota has brought back the legendary Land Cruiser, much to the joy of off-roading aficionados. The 2024 Land Cruiser isn't just a revival; it's a renaissance. With a downsized format and a new hybrid powertrain, it's poised to take on the trails with renewed vigor and take on competitors like the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler.

The Comeback Kid

The Land Cruiser's return is a nod to the past and a leap toward the future. Gone is the large SUV of yesteryear, replaced by a more nimble, medium-sized vehicle designed for the modern trailblazer. Sharing a platform with the Lexus GX, the new Cruiser boasts a boxy, confident aesthetic while embracing a turbocharged four-cylinder hybrid engine that belts out 326 horsepower.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

Expected Fuel Efficiency

While Toyota has yet to release official MPG figures, there's an expectation of significant improvement over the previous V8 models. With the world leaning towards more fuel-efficient rides, the Land Cruiser's hybrid system is set to deliver just that.

Interior Design and Tech

Inside, the Land Cruiser offers seating for five and a cabin adorned with features aimed at making both the daily commute and weekend escapades equally comfortable. Heated seats, a heated steering wheel, and the latest infotainment tech are standard, even on the base model.

Infotainment Across the Range

All models come equipped with Toyota's user-friendly infotainment system, but only the higher trims boast the expansive 12.3-inch touchscreen. Wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a suite of USB-C charging ports are standard, ensuring connectivity is never compromised.
Safety and Driver Assistance:
Toyota has packed the Land Cruiser with a comprehensive suite of safety features under the Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 umbrella. Lane-departure warning, automated emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control are just the beginning of the long list of included technologies.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser Interior

Toyota Safety Sense 3.0

With the introduction of the new Land Cruiser, Toyota continues its commitment to safety with the inclusion of Toyota Safety Sense 3.0. This latest iteration of their advanced safety suite promises to enhance driver and passenger protection through an array of features such as automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist, and an adaptive cruise control system with lane-centering capability. These cutting-edge technologies represent Toyota's foresight in automotive safety, aiming to deliver peace of mind for both the urban jungle and the untamed wilderness.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser

Pricing and Trims

Slated to be more wallet-friendly than its predecessor, the new Land Cruiser's pricing is expected to start around $55,000, with the potential to climb to $65,000 for higher trims. Toyota offers three variants: the Land Cruiser 1958 at $55,000 (est.), the standard Land Cruiser at $60,000 (est.), and the Land Cruiser First Edition at $65,000 (est.). The mid-range trim appears to strike the perfect balance of comfort and functionality, making it the anticipated choice for many.
Engine, Transmission, and Performance:
The heart of the new Land Cruiser is its turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine, paired with two electric motors to deliver a punchy 326 horsepower. This setup, reminiscent of the one found in the Toyota Tacoma, is connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission and a four-wheel drive system complete with all the off-road bells and whistles: a locking differential, low-range gearing, and crawl control, to name a few.

Anticipated Release

The automotive community is abuzz with anticipation for the reimagined 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser, slated to hit dealerships in the spring of 2024. This revival marks a significant shift for the storied nameplate, presenting a medium-sized SUV tailored for today's off-road challenges and everyday commutes. The Land Cruiser's comeback, equipped with its turbocharged hybrid power, repositions Toyota in the competitive landscape where it's poised to make an indelible impact on both loyal enthusiasts and new customers eager for Toyota's blend of reliability and adventure.

2024 Toyota Land Cruiser


The 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser is set to redefine the mid-size SUV segment with a perfect blend of tradition and innovation. It promises to deliver not just as a capable and luxurious daily driver but as a rugged, reliable companion for those off-road adventures. As we look towards its arrival in showrooms in spring 2024, the excitement is palpable.

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